The Outsiders


Dallas Winston - Matt Dillon
Johnny Cade - Ralph Macchio
Ponyboy Curtis - C. Thomas Howell
Darrel Curtis - Patrick Swayze
Sodapop Curtis - Rob Lowe
Two-Bit Mathews - Emilio Estevez
Steve Randle - Tom Cruise
Cherry Valance - Diane Lane
Bob Sheldon - Leif Garrett

Director - Francis Ford Coppola
Producer - Fred Roos and Gray Frederickson
Screenplay - Kathleen Knutsen Rowell
Music - Carmine Coppola

A Warner Brothers release
Opened March, 1983

S.E. Hinton on the movie:
The Outsiders was my second movie - what a cast!

I couldn't have asked for better actors for the parts, and couldn't have had nicer people to work with.

The Outsiders was a lot of fun to shoot because of the cast, who were ordinary, goofy, sweet teen-agers off-camera and serous artists in front of it.

I was sort of a greaser den-mother - I still miss my boys.

I think some readers are unhappy with the way The Outsiders was edited, and there are parts we shot I wish were in the final version, but it is a very faithful adaptation.

I play the nurse in Dallas' room - Matt and I had a hard time keeping a straight face during that scene!