That Was Then, This Is Now


Mark Jennings - Emilio Estevez
Bryon Douglas - Craig Sheffer
Cathy Carlson - Kim Delaney
M&M - Frank Howard
Mrs. Douglas - Barbara Babcock
Charlie - Morgan Freeman

Director - Christopher Cain
Producer - Gary R. Lindberg and John M. Ondov
Screenplay - Emilio Estevez
Photography - Juan Ruiz Anchia

A Paramount Pictures release
Opened November 1985

S.E. Hinton on the movie:
I wasn't involved in the filming of That Was Then. Emilio Estevez and Craig Sheffer were very good as Mark and Byron, and there are many things about the movie - the writing, all the performances - that I like.

I knew Hollywood wouldn't be brave enough to handle the ending, and I was right!

Still a pretty good movie, though.