S.E. Hinton
Big David Little David


Big David Little David

As he gets into bed on his first day of school, Nick tells his father, "There's a boy in my class named David. He has black hair, like you. He wears glasses too. He's not you, is he?"
Nick's father replies, "Oh, yes, that's me." Nick's father tucked the blanket around Nick's chin. "See you tomorrow."
Nick's father turned out the big light.
Nick wondered until he fell asleep.


When Nick learns that a kindergarden classmate and his own father not only look alike but have the same name, he wonders if they could be the same person.

S. E. Hinton on the book

Big David, Little David is my first picture book, and Alan Daniel, who illustrated it, did a wonderful job.

Mom with her coffee - that's me.

True story, too.

Publishing Information
  • First Published: 1995
  • Published by: Doubleday