S.E. Hinton
The Puppy Sister


The Puppy Sister

"Mom," Nick announced one afternoon, "I've taught Aleasha some new tricks. Wanna see 'em?"
"Sure, hon," Mom said. She put the groceries down. "I've thought you two must be up to something, spending all that time in your room."
I took a deep breath. This was it!
"Sit," said Nick.
I sat.
"Roll over," Nick said.
I rolled over.
"Shake," Nick said.
I held up a paw.
"That's great," Mom began, but Nick said, "Wait, there's one more."
"Speak," he ordered.
"Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on--"
I stopped. Mom smelled so surprised! More than surprised - shocked!
"Aleasha was t-talking?" she stammered.
"Speaking," Nick said. "But she can talk, too. Can't you?"
"Yes," I said.
"Oh," Mom said, and she sat down.
There wasn't any chair so she ended up, splat, on the floor. She just stared at us.
"See," Nick said, "she's turning into a human. See how her ears are different?"
Mom picked up one of my ears and rubbed it, dazed.
"Little," I said.
"And her muzzle's not as long. And get how weird her hind legs are--" Nick broke off. Mom's eyes were huge.
"This was all her idea, not mine," he added. "But it's kinda cool, huh?"
"Oh," Mom said. She went to sleep, right there on the floor, very suddenly.


Aleasha the puppy loves her new family. Mom and Dad Davidson smell friendly, and they laugh a lot. And though Nick would have preferred a sister to an unruly pup, he can usually be coaxed to play. Aleasha even enjoys spending time with Miss Kitty, who's sort of stuck-up but can be helpful in a pinch.
Still, Aleasha wants to play human games with Nick and to eat at the table with the family. Worse, she doesn't even look like her family, and Miss Kitty tells her that she'll never become a person. But Aleasha won't give up without trying. She has a most amazing plan.

S. E. Hinton on the book

The Puppy Sister is also a true story.

Okay, so our dog Aleasha didn't actually physically change into a human.

She became a member of the family, which is still a wonderful thing.

Publishing Information
  • First Published: 1995
  • Published by: Doubleday Dell
  • Parent's Choice Silver Honor Book, 1995