S.E. Hinton
Some of Tim's Stories


Some of Tim's Stories


A teenager when she first gained fame, now a seasoned writer, Hinton offers in Some of Tim's Stories the culmination of her life experience- incisive portraits of characters shaped by circumstance and one another. The stories in this collection merge into a larger narrative about two cousins, Terry and Mike, whose lives and families are intertwined but whose paths lead to very different futures: one in prison, the other enduring a guilt-ridden existence working a bar.

The tales are made especially distinctive in the telling. The "author" of the stories is a bartender named Tim- the "Mike" of his own narrative-whose idiosyncrasies are perfectly captured in Hinton's intriguing use of metafiction. The book also features exclusive interviews with Hinton conducted by Teresa Miler, host of public televisions's Writing Out Loud.

Publishing Information
  • First Published: 2007
  • Published by: University of Oklahoma Press